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Products – Al Hazanah Decor


Gypsum board ceilings Strip ceilings Cornices Decorative Railings
60 x 60 tiles ceilings GRG Ceilings Dooms Planters
Gypsum partitions Cladding Panels Columns Separation Panels for Oce
Aluminium tiles ceilings Fascia Panels Decorative Sun Screens    
  The technical and design developing team is highly qualified. The advantage of the finest European raw materials enables us to provide the market with a variety of high quality Products.
    GRP Products

G.R.P Tanks

G.R.P Sanitary Items

G.R.P Shades & Sheds

G.R.P Construction Purpose

Cylindrical Water Tanks Bath Tubs Car Sheds Waffle Mould
Panel Tanks Swimming Pool Plain Sheds Shuttering Mould
‘V’ Shape Tanks Bath Room Cabinets and Door Colored Sheds for Swimming Pool Column Mould
    A/C and Shower Tray Canopies GRP Laminations/Lining
    Urinal Partition Decorative Umbrella