About Al Hazanah

Founded in 2008 – Sharjah, Al Hazanah Décor Mat. Ind. LLC (AHD) has become one of the most successful companies in supplying and fixing False Ceiling solutions of all kinds in the U.A.E. market. Today AHD belongs to a well established group in building sector including false ceiling, partitions and GRP lining solutions. Ceiling options to all kinds of projects and surfaces, be it the regular standard panels and tiles, or the custom-made designs and measures to the tastes and requirements of each and every customer.

Moreover, the Gypsum Ceiling variations play an additional major role in completing the Ceiling family of products. We supply a variety of local and imported range of Gypsum panels, bulkheads, tiles, cornices, partitions, wall linings, vinyl types, and other decorative and innovative works.

AHD is able to supply the UAE market with a wide variety of top quality materials, originating from European, Asian and South American. Years of experience in this field have made AHD’s staff one of the most skilled and best equipped to perform all tasks, and to offer the best suited technical, economical, and esthetic solutions.

Throughout AHD’s history, we have been entrusted to execute various projects of multiple magnitudes, dimensions, and purposes. Our enclosed portfolio gives a brief insight on highly successful performances in Commercial buildings, Business Centers, Educational Institutions, Shopping Malls, High Rise towers, and other projects. Our most precious asset is no doubt the ever growing list of satisfied and loyal customers, who have contributed in consolidating AHD’s reputation as a efficient, reliable, and professional company.

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