Safety & Health Plan

AHD recognizes that its people are its most important asset and it will provide them with appropriate health and safety training.
AHD operations are executed in such a way that the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and persons who may be aected by its operations are ensured, as far as possible
AHD is committed to provide a safe and healthy working and living environment by both deliver ing high quality professional services to its clients and taking proactive measures to promote health and safety measures.
AHD accepts that the prime responsi bility for safety rests with the line management of AHD and that safety matters are held in equal importance to ot her business objectives.
Aluminum mobile scaold/l adder to have wheels locked when in use and operatives must not ri de on scaold when it is being moved.
All operatives have adequ ate safety footwear, safety helmets, etc. safety harnesses to be used wherever necessary.
All power tools to be 110v/220v and all elec trical cables, plugs, sockets, etc to be frequent ly checked for damages.
All areas of work to be kept cl ean and tidy at all times.